Startup Idea: CRM for Individuals

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This is my favorite startup that I have conceptualized and created because it had an actual impact on me. The motivation to create this startup came from the recruiting process during school. Around me I could see everyone applying to internships and full time jobs through resume drops and online submissions. The process that me and all of my peers thought happened had to do with the most qualified batch of candidates being selected for interviews and then offered jobs. But after talking with older people I eventually started to realize that qualifying was just the minimum requirement and it took having someone recommend you on the inside for you to really have a strong change of getting the job.

After understanding how the employment system worked, the next step was figuring out how to build a network. This product was designed to help individuals with this network building in a real way and not just becoming a “Linkedin Connection”. I talk more about networking on another post. Anyway on to the pitch deck.


I named it Terrier because it was the dog that I had growing up and it would always come back to me whether we were playing fetch or after a long vacation – and of course a dog is man’s best friend. The logo I made from scratch in Adobe Illustrator on my own after a few Youtube tutorials.


I laid out the problem which is how difficult it is to get your dream job out of college when everyone is so competitive with GPA’s and extracurricular activities, that the only way to differentiate yourself now is through personal network.



“Terrier is not meant to grow your network, but is meant to strengthen it” – sums up this page pretty well. The application was meant to help you keep track of everyone in your life without needing a superficial Linkedin request.



Following in the trend of making an app for college kids, this product was meant to target the academic/motivated bunch of them as opposed to the more mainstream fraternity/social networking applications.



Market slide breaking down everyone I see as a potential user. When I was conceptualizing this I thought of Generation Z as the “hyper-motivated” generation, who was born with a phone in their hands in contrast to the Millennial who has gradually been exposed to internet and portable technology. I now see this as definitely geared towards Generation Z as they enter college.


CRM is a hugely competitive space, so I narrowed it down to personal CRM’s as listed here. Since coming up with Terrier – FullContact has raised two rounds of funding ($30MM) and made four acquisitions. The other competitors have not done anything new.



The business model represented here reflects a user acquisition plan because I felt that revenue would be something this company worried about after a strong user base. The model reflects what I mentioned earlier with a focus on motivated students.



This page reiterates the difficulty of finding a job and how the current market options including Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter fail to alleviate the problem.




Here I highlight more problems, which are less discussed, but I believe very important to understand.




Key features are outlined here, which differentiate this product further from its competition and highlight how it can help.




Cheesy wrap up slide that restates the purpose of the application in simple language.



I created a demo version of this in excel (screenshot below) that has all the functionality using formulas. Email if you’d like a copy.



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